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Fibe TV

Troubleshooting tools and help

Virtual repair tool

Detect and fix Internet, Fibe TV and Home phone issues with Virtual repair.

Get started
QR code that will open the MyBell app and the Virtual repair tool

Scan the QR code to launch Virtual repair in the MyBell app.

Learn how to use Virtual repair.

See how Virtual repair works.

Note: the video shows screens from the mobile app that are used as examples only.

Fibe TV troubleshooting tools

Programming, fixing or replacing your Bell Fibe TV remote

Use this guide to assist you with programming your Bell Fibe TV remote, fixing it and finding out if it needs to be replaced.

Rebooting your Fibe TV Box

Easily reboot your Fibe TV Voice box using on- screen navigation and your remote control.

Help with channels

Easily find all of your favourite channels by name or number.

Connecting your receiver to your home Internet

Learn how to connect your Fibe TV receiver to your home Internet network.

Temporary suspension

You can choose to suspend each of your TV, Internet and Home phone services between one and six months. If you need to change or cancel the temporary suspension, you can do so easily in MyBell.

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