Welcome to Bell

What you need to know about your wireless service on Bell Mobility.

On April 11, 2014, your wireless service account will be transferred to Bell Mobility. Your wireless service will continue, interruption-free, and your mobile phone numbers and price plans will stay the same. All you need to do is carry on talking, texting and surfing the web. Here is some more information about your new service:

Coverage area

Your wireless coverage with Bell Mobility will remain the same.

Your monthly invoice

Bell’s invoice is laid out differently than what you are used to with NorthwesTel or Latitude. You can get a more in-depth explanation of how Bell Mobility’s invoice works.

Registering for MyBell

Bell mobility makes it easy to view your bill and manage your account online. Once you get your account number from us in the mail, you can register for MyBell.

Payments made to NorthwesTel or Latitude

If you make a payment to your old account after April 11, NorthwesTel or Latitude will forward the payment to Bell Mobility for you. This payment forwarding service will run until the end of May, after which time you will need to ensure you are directing your payments to your Bell Mobility account.

New account number

Following your service transfer, you will receive a new Bell account number. Please take note of this important number, because you will need to use it when paying your invoice at a financial institution.

Billing date

You can expect to receive your Bell Mobility invoices at the same time of the month that you received your NorthwesTel or Latitude bill.

How to pay your invoice

You can make a payment at any financial institution by cheque or credit card. See all our options

If you were registered for pre-authorized payments on NorthwesTel or Latitude, that information will also be transferred to your new Bell mobility account.

New agreement and terms and conditions

Following the transfer, we will send you information about your Bell Mobility account including the terms and conditions of your wireless service and a Critical Information Summary. Once received, please review the information carefully as it will form your agreement with Bell Mobility. If you would like to review Bell Mobility’s Terms of Service before receiving the information, visit bell.ca/mobilityterms. There are some notable differences in your new contract, including:

  1. Cancellation fees
    Your wireless service will be covered by the CRTC Wireless Code. The Wireless Code sets basic rights for all wireless consumers and new standards that all wireless service providers must follow. For more information about your rights and the CRTC standards, visit bell.ca/CRTC-Wireless-Code. You can cancel your agreement after two years without any cancellation fees, even if you agreed to a longer term. If you cancel within the two years, your cancellation fee will be directly tied to any discount you received on your mobile phone when you purchased it. Details on the remaining balance of your mobile phone will be outlined in the Critical Information Summary.
  2. Interest rate on late payments
    Should you not make a payment on time, the interest rate with Bell Mobility is 3% per month or 42.58% per annum.
  3. Collection policies
    As a Bell customer, we will be disclosing your Bell Mobility credit history to other grantors and credit reporting agencies.