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FAQ – McAfee Security app

What is the Bell McAfee Security app, FAQ

What features are included in the Bell McAfee Security app?

McAfee® Security app features include Antivirus (Android), System scan (iOS), Safe Browsing, Identity Protection and Wi-Fi scan

How does the Bell McAfee Security app scan for viruses (Android)?

The antivirus feature will scan your device for malicious apps and files and other threats. It will provide a recommendation if action needs to be taken.

How does the Bell McAfee Security app run a system scan (iOS)?

Policy restrictions on iOS devices do not allow for an antivirus installation. Instead, the McAfee Security app will run a system scanner to provide notification for potential vulnerabilities and operating system updates.

How does the Bell McAfee Security app feature Safe Browsing work?

Safe Browsing works to identify fraudulent, fake or malicious websites created to obtain your personal information such as passwords, credit card details and much more. This feature works while surfing the Web with a mobile browser.

How does the Bell McAfee Security app feature Identity Protection work?

The Identity Protection feature will scan the dark Web for stolen emails and many types of personal information that may be for sale. If your details are located, McAfee Security helps you secure and recover your compromised accounts. Learn more.

How does the Bell McAfee Security app feature Wi-Fi scan work?

The McAfee Security app will confirm your network encryption is secure and that private information is shielded from hackers.

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