FAQ – McAfee Mobile Security

What kind of malicious software does McAfee Mobile Security detect?

McAfee® Mobile Security protects your mobile device from mobile malware including viruses, worms, spyware, key loggers, bots, and potentially unwanted programs.

Note: If you use an Android device, McAfee Mobile Security also blocks access to risky sites when using the default Android web browser.

How often does McAfee Mobile Security scan for viruses?

Mobile Security automatically scans your device whenever you receive a message, access a file, or install an application. It also scans your device on a set schedule and you can run a manual scan at any time.

Which parts of the device does McAfee Mobile Security scan?

It scans the file system on your mobile device,. which includes messages, pictures, installed applications and compressed files.

Note: Protection features might vary by device.

Does McAfee Mobile Security scan message content and attachments?

Yes. It scans messages, SMS, MMS, email, and attachments as soon as they arrive on your device.

Note: Email is not scanned on Android devices.

Does McAfee Mobile Security detect viruses on the memory card?

Yes. It scans content on your SD memory card. You can configure the application to scan each SD memory card inserted in your device.

Can McAfee Mobile Security stop over-the-air hacking attempts?

McAfee stops you from downloading malicious and infected applications and protects you from risky websites you might access on your mobile browser. It does not block communication sent with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared interfaces.

What happens when McAfee Mobile Security detects a virus?

The application displays a full-screen warning and lets you delete, quarantine, repair, or ignore the infected file. You can decide when you are notified about threats and how you want to respond to them.

Note: If you have an Android device, you cannot repair infected files, only delete or ignore them.

I ignored a virus warning earlier. How can I remove the virus?

You can run a manual scan to see the warning again. If you ignore a malicious application, Mobile Security automatically reminds you to deal with the threat the next time you restart, or when a scheduled system scan is performed.

I have not checked for McAfee Mobile Security updates in a while. Am I still protected?

Yes. The applications checks for updates automatically and frequently. You can set it to update at intervals that are convenient for you and check for updates manually whenever you like.

How much space do the updates need?

Updates are less than 5 KB.

How can I see when McAfee Mobile Security was last updated?

View the log file from the application menu to see all events, such as your last scan, last update, and any virus detections.

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