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I got a “Login failed” error when trying to connect to Bell Internet

A “Login failed” error means you cannot log in to your Bell Internet service. This is most often because you have typed your Bell Internet user ID (b1 number) or password incorrectly.

Try re-entering your user ID and password, keeping in mind that both are case-sensitive. Ensure your “Caps Lock” is turned off.

Lost or forgotten your user ID

Your user ID and password are automatically assigned to you when you sign up for Bell Internet service. Your user ID begins with "b1" (e.g. “b1xxxxxx”).

You'll find your Bell Internet user ID in your welcome kit and on your bill, as well as in the settings on your modem configuration page. See your modem’s setup instructions for more on accessing these settings.

Lost or forgotten your password

You can reset your Bell Internet password if you’ve forgotten it. You will need your user ID and some billing information to use this online reset tool.

Further help

If you still cannot log in to Bell Internet, contact us for further assistance.