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How to use directory assistance (4-1-1)

For local, national and U.S. directory assistance, simply dial 4-1-1. (Or you can dial an area code + 555-1212.)

You’ll need to provide the name, city, province or state of the listing you're looking for, and one of our operators will quickly find the number.

Overseas and toll-free directory assistance

For overseas/international directory assistance, dial 0 and select the operator assistance option 0.

For toll-free directory assistance service, call 1 800 555-1212.


Local, national, U.S.A. and toll-free directory assistance calls are subject to a charge of $3.50 for each number provided to you. This charge will appear on your phone bill. We will connect the call for you at no extra charge. However, any other charges that may apply, such as wireless airtime or long distance, are not included.

International/overseas directory assistance requests are subject to a separate charge. No charge applies if the foreign directory service cannot be reached. Customers may request up to two listings per call if supplied by the same foreign directory operator.

You may also charge directory assistance calls to your Bell Calling Card or to a third number.

  • To do so, dial 0 + area code + 555-1212 (a charge per call applies).

You may also charge directory assistance calls to a major credit card if you're calling from a specially-equipped payphone.

Online 4-1-1 information

You can also access the following 4-1-1 services free of charge online.

Special needs

TTY users can simply dial 7-1-1 for all directory assistance listings (local, national, U.S., overseas and toll-free). The same charges outlined above will apply.