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Accessing MyBell on your mobile phone

Important information: we’ve replaced with the MyBell app.

The MyBell app is an improved way to manage your Bell services, right from your phone. From checking your usage to changing your features, it gives you fast, anytime, anywhere access.

After you download the app, you can use it free of data charges and without using your in-plan data allowance.

Note: data charges may apply for downloading the app. Connect to Wi-Fi while downloading to avoid charges.

The new MyBell app is compatible with iOS devices version 11 or newer and Android devices version 5.0 or newer. If you have an older iPhone or Android model, or if you have a smartphone running on a Windows or BlackBerry operating system, you will not be able to download the app on your phone.

For the best experience, upgrade your phone to our most recent selection of smartphones and download the new MyBell app, or visit online.

Learn more about the MyBell app