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How to use Call Trace on my Bell Home phone

If you receive harassing, obscene or threatening calls, you can use Call Trace to record the caller’s number.

Note: This service should only be used in serious situations. The details of the trace will only be released to the police and you will not be advised of the caller's number. May not be available in certain areas.

  • Hang up after receiving the threatening or harassing call.
  • Lift the receiver and dial *57 (or 1157 on rotary phones).
  • Wait for a recording to tell you whether the call was traced successfully and hang up.


  • Call Trace service works only on the last incoming call.
  • Call Trace service works on blocked calls.
  • The number of the traced caller will be released to the police by Bell if they request it.

Note: Call trace may not work on:

  • A line that has the Call Trace block
  • Some mobile phone numbers
  • Calls from switchboard telephone numbers
  • Calls from other local and long distance service providers

There is a charge of $5.00 for each successful use of Call Trace up to a maximum of $10.00 per month per line. The charge applies whether or not the traced number is requested by the police. Using Call Trace does not guarantee that the police will accept your case or follow up on a Call Trace request.