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Bell Smart Home billing overview

Is Bell Smart Home included on One Bill?

No, Bell Smart Home is not currently part of One Bill. It is billed separately from your other Bell services.

How to pay your Bell Smart Home bill through online banking

If you subscribe to online banking with a participating financial institution, you can pay your Bell Smart Home bill through your financial institution's website. When you set up online banking, select payee Bell Smart Home and make sure to use your 6 or 8-digit Customer Account Number (found in the top-right corner of your bill).

Please allow two to five business days for payments to be processed.

How to set up pre-authorized payments for Bell Smart Home

If you sign up for pre-authorized payments, we will automatically withdraw the amount for your recurring service/monitoring fees from the bank account or credit card of your choice. Pre-authorized payments are processed on the 1st of each month. There is no need for you to call us to confirm that you have made a payment.

Note: one-time fees that are not part of the recurring monthly fee are not automatically withdrawn and you will need to pay them separately.

To set up pre-authorized payments, please contact us at 1 866 267-2055.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer certifies that the information provided in the authorization is correct and that the customer will notify Bell Smart Home in the event of any changes.
  • The customer certifies that his/her bank account/credit card is in good standing, with sufficient funds to cover the payments as they become due.
  • Charges will apply if any payments are not met due to insufficient funds or incorrect credit card information.
  • All payments will be drawn from Canadian financial institutions only and will be withdrawn in Canadian funds.
  • This agreement can be terminated upon notification, at any time, by either the customer or Bell Smart Home.
  • Upon termination, any amount due shall be paid directly to Bell Smart Home.
  • Cancellation of pre-authorized payments does not constitute cancellation of service by Bell Smart Home and the customer shall be liable for any past, present or future amounts owing.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the credit card information provided to Bell Smart Home is up-to-date and accurate. Should your credit card expire during your tenure in the Pre-Authorized Credit Card program, you must notify Bell Smart Home of this change in order for your account to remain in good standing.

How to pay your Bell Smart Home bill by credit card or cheque

Credit card

To make a one-time payment by credit card, simply call us at 1 866 267-2055.


Make your cheque out to Bell Smart Home and include your 6 or 8-digit Customer Account Number (found in the top-right corner of your bill). Mail your cheque to:

Bell Smart Home

P.O. Box 518, Station K

Toronto ON

M4P 2G9