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My Bell Satellite TV screen is blue or snowy

Your TV may not be on the right input setting if you see the following on your TV screen:

  • Blue screen
  • Snowy screen
  • Black screen
  • "No signal" message

To change the input of your TV:

Note: If you have access to the back of your TV, you can check where the cable that’s coming from the Bell TV receiver is inserted to determine what the input is called.

HDMI Component RCA Coaxial





  1. Make sure your TV and your satellite TV receiver are turned on (a green or blue light will be lit on the front panel of the receiver).
  2. Using your TV’s original remote control, press the INPUT or SOURCE key repeatedly, pausing two seconds between presses, to cycle through all the inputs of your TV.
    Note: Some TV manufacturers call the key TV/VIDEO or MODE.
  3. Stop pressing the INPUT key when the picture comes back.
  4. If cycling through the inputs does not restore the picture, try tuning your TV to channel 3, 4, 60 and then 73.
    Note: This step only works if your TV is connected to the satellite TV receiver with a coaxial cable.

If you are still getting a blue or snowy screen after trying to change the inputs and the channels, please contact us for more help.