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How do I set up timer priorities on my Bell Satellite TV receiver?

Priorities are used by the receiver to know which program to record if multiple timers are scheduled for the same time frame.

For example, if your receiver can only record two programs at once and you’ve set three timers for the same time frame, only the two programs with the highest priorities will be recorded.

To edit a specific timer's priority:

  1. Press the PVR button on your remote control twice.
  2. Select TIMERS to see all the current timers scheduled on your receiver.
  3. Select SET PRIORITY to edit the order of your timers.
  4. Select the timer you wish to edit by highlighting the timer, then press SELECT.
  5. Use the up/down arrows to move its position on your list.
  6. Select DONE to save your changes.

Remember, the lower the number, the higher priority (for example, priority 1 is higher than priorities 2, 3, and 4) so be sure to put the shows you want to record most near the top of the list.

Note: You can manually adjust the priority of a specific event by choosing it from your Daily Schedule and selecting Skip or Restore.