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How to protect my mobile phone with Smart/Phone Care

Terms and conditions

Please read the Smart/Phone Care terms and conditions provided with your Bell Mobility service agreement for full details of your coverage and obligations, including fees and coverage exclusions. These are the contract terms that govern our services and your enrollment in the plan.

See terms and conditions

Smart/Phone Care plan

When you buy a new mobile device, it comes with a limited 12-month warranty for manufacturer’s defects and malfunctions. Smart/Phone Care gives you additional coverage and peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to pay the full replacement value of your device. Find your device’s replacement fee (from $50 to $599) in the event you require a replacement.

The Smart/Phone Care plan covers your device for:

  • Defects in parts and workmanship beyond the manufacturer's standard warranty period
  • Physical damage (i.e., cracked screen)
  • Electronic damage (i.e., power surge)
  • Liquid damage
  • Loss or theft
  • Normal wear and tear

Smart/Phone Care covers one device and allows for up to two replacements.

It does not cover SIM cards or accessories such as batteries, chargers and smartwatch bands.

Most phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and Turbo Sticks are eligible for Smart/Phone Care. Unless otherwise agreed to by Bell, you must enroll in Smart/Phone Care in store, either when you activate your device or within 30 days of your activation date. If you purchased your new device online within the last 30 days and wish to enroll in the program, please visit your nearest Bell store.

If you don’t enroll at the time you purchase your device, you must bring your device with you to the store to enroll. We’ll verify that your service and account status are active and inspect your device, since damaged or defective devices are not eligible for the plan.

After you enroll, you must make or receive a phone call from the covered phone or smartphone and in the case of tablets, smartwatches and Turbo Sticks, use a minimum of 1 kilobyte of data, in order to complete your enrollment and for coverage to take effect.

Smart/Phone Care only covers the Bell Mobility subscriber associated with the device and coverage cannot be transferred to a different user. In addition, if you use a SIM card with your device and you take it out to use with another device, the second device does not become covered by Smart/Phone Care.

The Smart/Phone Care add-on is a month-to-month feature that you can cancel at any time without termination fees by calling us at 1 800 667-0123.

Details of your Smart/Phone Care enrollment are available by logging in to MyBell.

A replacement fee (from $50 to $599) will be added to your next Bell Mobility bill following a service request.

If your device has been lost or stolen, log in to MyBell to report the loss and temporarily suspend your service. Alternatively, you can call us at 1 800 667-0123.

If your device requires repair during the original 12-month manufacturer's warranty period, please:

If your device is no longer covered under the manufacturer's warranty and you would like to submit a service request under your Smart/Phone Care plan, you can do so online.

Submit a request

Or call the Smart/Phone Care centre at 1 866 213-2143 from 7 a.m. to midnight (ET), seven days a week (closed on statutory holidays).

When submitting a request online or calling the Smart/Phone Care centre, your request will be processed by Asurion, the administrator of the Smart/Phone Care program.

Once your request is approved, we’ll ship a replacement device directly to you, typically within one or two business days. Your replacement device will come with instructions on activating the device, backing up and transferring your personal information (if possible) and sending the damaged or defective device to us within five business days using the prepaid return shipping label. We won’t return the damaged device to you.

Our goal is to give you the same make and model that you purchased. We may fulfill service requests with like-new equipment of the same or comparable model, but we can’t guarantee the colour or feature and accessory compatibility.

A replacement fee will apply as follows:

  • Up to $150 for basic devices, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches
  • Up to $299 for select smartphones, tablets and smartwatches
  • Up to $399 for premium smartphones and tablets
  • Up to $599 for select premium smartphones and tablets

Additional fees will apply in the scenarios below:

Smart/Phone Care fees

Non-covered service fee

Applies if failure is determined to be excluded from coverage

$100 – wireless phone or turbo stick
$300 – smartphone, tablet or wearable product
$400 to $600 – premium smartphone, premium tablet or premium wearable product

Non-return fee

Applies if protected device is not returned within 5 business days (excludes lost or stolen devices)

$100 – wireless phone or turbo stick
$300 – smartphone, tablet or wearable product
$400 to $600 – premium smartphone, premium tablet or premium wearable product

Sync software/ locking fee

Applies if protected device is returned with content and sync software (such as Find My iPhone) and activation lock enabled

$300 – smartphone, tablet or wearable product
$400 to $600 – premium smartphone, premium tablet or premium wearable product

If you have a plan with the Device Return Option and are enrolled in Smart/Phone Care at the time of your device return, you are exempt from the requirement to return your device in good working condition, provided all activation/security locks for the phone are turned off and no longer linked to your associated cloud account, and your phone PIN/password, facial recognition and fingerprint locks are removed.

If your device is not in good working condition, you do not have to submit a replacement request for your device to be accepted for return. You must still meet all other return eligibility conditions of the Device Return Option that are not related to the device’s condition.

Device Return Option – Good Working Condition return requirements Customers without Smart/Phone Care Customers with Smart/Phone Care

The device powers on, charges, and navigates to the home screen

Required Not required

The keyboard and/or touchscreen is responsive and functions properly

Required Not required

The device is free from apparent physical damage (e.g., bending, cracks, punctures to any part of the device, including the screen, keyboard or the camera lens)

Required Not required

There are no missing components (e.g., buttons, keys, SIM/media tray, battery, battery cover)

Required Not required

All activation/security locks for the device are turned off and no longer linked to your associated cloud account, such as “iCloud Find my iPhone Activation Lock” (for Apple devices) and “Activation Lock Protection” (for Android devices)

Required Required

Any PIN/password, facial recognition or fingerprint lock has been removed

Required Required

Smart/Phone Care plans offered prior to November 8, 2018, had different levels of warranty coverage. Refer to the information below for the specific coverage of your plan.

Good plan

The Smart/Phone Care Good plan covers your device for:

The Good plan does not cover damage or loss/theft.

Multi-line discount

The Smart/Phone Care multi-line discount was offered to customers with three or more eligible devices with eligible Smart/Phone Care plans on the same account.

For applicable customers with the multi-line discount, you receive pooled replacements across the entire account for all enrolled devices. It covers five pooled replacements over 24 months for the first three devices, and an additional pooled replacement for each additional device added.

For example, a customer has three devices enrolled. Within a 24-month period, the customer can replace one device up to five times, or more than one device up to five times in total.