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How to recycle your old mobile phone through Bell

Note: if you chose the Device Return Option (DRO) when you bought your phone, you can return it as part of the program. Learn about the Device Return Option: and what to do when your Device Return Option agreement ends.

Bell Blue Box program

You can recycle your old phone and accessories such as headsets, chargers and batteries through the Bell Blue Box program. This program gives Canadians an environmentally responsible way to dispose of used mobile phones.

The Bell Blue Box program diverts hundreds of thousands of mobile phones and many tonnes of batteries and accessories from landfills each year. Bell refurbishes phones that are still usable and recycles the rest according to Canadian regulations. The net proceeds from the program go to WWF-Canada’s Regenerate Canada project.

Recycling your phone

Before recycling your old phone, remove the SIM card (if there is one) and erase personal information such as text messages, contacts and personal files. Learn how to erase your phone data.

You can drop off your used phone, accessories and batteries to any Bell store, or ship them through Canada Post free of charge.

Note: phones and accessories cannot be returned after they are donated to the Bell Blue Box program.

To ship your phone:
  1. Wrap your phone, accessories and/or batteries in protective material like newspaper. The phone battery must be kept inside the phone.
  2. Place them in a box and seal it firmly with packing tape.
  3. Print the a shipping label, cut it out and attach it to your package with clear tape. Make sure the barcode does not wrap around edges or corners. Do not cover up any information on the label.
  4. Drop the box off at any Canada Post mailbox or postal outlet.
How to erase your phone data
  1. Go to
  2. Select your device from the list.
  3. Select How to reset your device, then select Resetting your device to factory default.
  4. Follow the step-by-step guide.