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What is Arlo Go?

Arlo Go is Canada’s first security camera with the capability to connect to a mobile network. It has a long-lasting battery and seven days of free cloud storage. Arlo Go is 100% wireless.


You can purchase and activate an Arlo Go 2 camera online.

In store

  1. Visit a Bell store to purchase an Arlo Go 2 camera and a compatible rate plan.
  2. Insert the Bell SIM card into the Arlo Go 2 camera (if your Bell Sales Representative has not already done so).
  3. Download the Arlo Go app and then follow the detailed Quick Start Guide (PDF 3.59 MB) to complete the setup.

Note: You do not have to be an existing Bell Mobility customer to activate an Arlo Go 2 connected camera

Arlo Go battery-powered cameras are not intended for continuous recording. Arlo Go 2 uses a 13,000 mAh rechargeable battery. However, the battery life of your Arlo camera varies depending on setting, usage and temperature.

Cold temperatures can affect any battery’s capacity because of its chemistry. If you install your camera outside in cold temperatures, you might notice a shorter battery duration, or a faster-than-expected drop in the displayed battery capacity.

The Arlo Go camera activates when it detects motion. Data usage varies depending on the video quality settings, number of motion triggers and length of recordings. Average data usage can range from 700 MB to 2 GB per month.
  • Use the “Optimized” or “Best Battery Life” video setting
    If you change your Arlo Go’s power management settings to Optimized or Best Battery Life, you will use less data and conserve battery life by reducing your video resolution.
  • Ensure you place your Arlo Go camera in a location with optimal signal strength
    If your Arlo Go camera has poor mobile signal strength, it might be unable to upload videos to the Arlo cloud on the first attempt. Each additional attempt to upload to the cloud will consume more data.
  • Consider setting your video recording length to less than 30 seconds
    If you set your Arlo Go camera’s video recording length to less than 30 seconds, you can control the amount of data transmitted and the battery usage per recording. Any movement after 30 seconds will not be recorded under this setting, conserving data and battery usage.
  • Limit live streaming to only necessary moments
    Be mindful of how often and how long you access the Arlo app and live-stream video. Live-streaming video will use data, just the same as triggered event recordings. Additionally, accessing the Arlo app to view your camera status will use a small amount of data.
With Arlo Go cameras, you can choose to receive email alerts and push notifications to your smartphone when motion or sound is detected on each camera in your system (up to five cameras). To help manage the type and quantity of notifications you receive, edit the modes and rules for your Arlo Go camera within the Arlo app.

Modes allow your Arlo Go cameras to respond differently at specific times. Modes include:

  • Armed: All cameras are set to trigger on motion. Cameras record video for 10 seconds by default, and you receive email alerts and push notifications whenever cameras are triggered.
  • Schedule: Schedule mode allows your Arlo Go system to enter a mode or modes at the same time every week.
  • Disarmed: Cameras do not trigger on sound or motion. No videos are recorded, and you receive no notifications.

If you choose to create your own modes, you can do so by creating a rule or rules that tell your cameras what to do while that mode is active. You can also choose to edit an existing mode.

For more help and information, please contact the manufacturer at 1 833 290-9488.