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How to manage my mobile data usage

Data usage can accumulate quickly depending on the type of activities or mobile applications that are being used.

Activities that can trigger significant data usage include:

  • Streaming/downloading video or audio (music or radio) from the Internet
  • Sharing your device's mobile data connection with a laptop (tethering) or with other smartphones (creating a personal hotspot)
  • Using live navigation/map apps
  • Uploading or sharing photos and videos through social media, email, or messaging apps
  • Browsing on the Internet for prolonged periods
  • Enabling email settings to automatically fetch new emails or "push" to your device
  • Using apps that automatically update or require the use of location services

Tips to manage your data usage:

Bell also offers some great tools to help you manage your data:

  • You can quickly check your data usage in the My Usage section of MyBell.
  • Data usage notifications are sent by text message when you reach certain thresholds (e.g., when you have used 95% of the data in your plan).
  • For details specific to your device, consult the device tutorials from our smartphone support section.
  • The Data manager tool lets you block or allow mobile data use and manage time online for your family and subscribers on your account.