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How to change the name on my Bell Mobility account

How to change the name on my Bell Mobility account

You can change the name on your mobile phone account if you've legally changed your name, or if you want to correct a spelling error in the name appearing on your account. This means you will remain responsible for the phone and account and the credit information is staying the same.

There is no service charge for a name change.

If you want to transfer your phone number and contract to someone else who will accept legal responsibility for paying the bills, please read How do I change ownership of my phone?

To request a name change:

Customers with a prepaid service

You can change your name in MyBell.

Customers with a monthly rate plan

Follow these steps:

  1. You (the account owner) or your authorized contact person must email your request and your Mobility account number to
  2. Your email must include legal documentation of the name change (except for spelling errors) such as the following:
    • Marriage certificate
    • Divorce documents
    • Legal name change document
    • Birth certificate or driver's license

Company name change:

You can also request a name change on your account if there's been a change in the legal name of your company. Email your request and your Mobility account number to along with the appropriate information as outlined below.


If the name of your company has changed and the credit information is the same we require:

  • Article of Amendment
  • Certificate of Amalgamation
  • Article of Incorporation or Business Registration

    The following documentation from the Ministry of Finance is required for limited and incorporated companies:

  • Modification form #4 or #5 or Merge form #6

Two forms are required for registered companies:

  1. Dissolution de l'Enregistrement
  2. Enregistrement
Alberta Certificate of Amendment from Alberta Registries
British Columbia Certificate of Change of Name and the Special Resolution, with attached Altered Memorandum.

Note: If you are requesting a name change for a registered company (sole proprietorship), we don't require any legal documents since the credit information remains the same (except for Ontario).