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Share plans

About your Share Group

You can manage your share group online in MyBell and in the MyBell app. You can share your plan with other subscribers on your account, as well as add more data and add new subscribers.

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How to access


After you log in to MyBell, you will be redirected to the My services page.

Here, you can manage who subscribes to your share group. Just click the drop-down arrow associated with the phone number you want to view. Then, from the list of options, select Manage my share group.

You will be taken to the My share group tab, which features a summary of your share group, including all the share group subscribers and the amount of data being shared. In this tab, you can add subscribers to your share group, add data to an existing subscriber’s share group plan, and view the details of your share group subscribers.

In the app

  1. Log in to the MyBell app.
  2. From the My services page, select one of the subscribers that are part of a share group.
  3. From the Mobility overview page, scroll down to Manage Mobility and select Share group.
  4. On the Share group page, you can view the total amount of data your share group has, as well as the amount each member contributes to the group. You can also change the rate plan of each member by selecting the nickname or phone number.

Create a Share Group

To create a share group, you must first add a share group subscriber. To get started, simply:

  1. Click the Create a share group button
  2. Choose the phone number of the person you’d like to make a share group subscriber.
  3. Select a shareable plan for the subscriber.
  4. Add features and data to the subscriber’s plan.
  5. Choose the plan’s activation date.
  6. Review subscriber information and confirm.

You will then be returned to the original page, where you can add additional subscribers to your share group.

Note: subscribers with a pending hardware upgrade cannot join a share group until the hardware upgrade is complete.

Add a Member

If you have already created a share group and want to add a subscriber to it, simply click Add to share group. You will then be asked to:

  1. Select a shareable plan for the subscriber
  2. Add features and data to the subscriber’s plan
  3. Choose the plan’s activation date
  4. Review subscriber information and confirm

Remove a Member from Share Group

In order to remove a share group subscriber, choose the phone number from My services and click Change my rate plan.

On the Change rate plan page, simply pick a non shareable plan to remove the subscriber from the share group.


1: Expired Share Plans

If you’re receiving this message, it means that the share group has plans that are no longer offered. With these plans, you will not be able to make changes to your group or data options online. Please click the Change Rate Plan button and change the plan to a new shareable plan.

2: Pending Transaction

You may see this message presented at the top of the page when the account has a pending transaction that may impact your share group. Click View details to see which transaction is pending and when it will be completed. Some examples include a pending hardware upgrade completion or a pending rate plan change.

3: Change my Rate Plan

Prime and mate share group members

Bell no longer offers prime and mate-style share group plans. Please contact us to make a change to an existing prime and mate-style share group plan. Changes cannot currently be made online.

4: More than 10 Subscribers to an Account

If there are more than 10 subscribers to your account, then the account share group details will not be viewable online. You will notice the following message displayed on the top of your share group details page. Please contact us to make any changes to your share group.