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Set up a Smartwatch Standalone plan (Family Setup) on Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity, you can connect it to the Bell Mobility LTE network by signing up for a Smartwatch Standalone plan.

This lets you or your family member have a dedicated phone number for the Apple Watch to make calls, send messages and stay connected.

To set it up, you need to pair the smartwatch through Apple Family Setup and then activate a cellular plan.

The Apple Watch with cellular connectivity has an eSIM (a built-in SIM card), so you don’t need a separate SIM card.

Learn how to activate a Standalone plan on your Apple Watch.

Apple offers more information on Family Setup on your Apple Watch. Learn more

Coverage and roaming

Apple Watch cellular connectivity works in Canada where there is VoLTE coverage. International roaming is currently not available.

Outside of VoLTE coverage areas, you can use your smartwatch with Bluetooth.

Using Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby (Standalone plan)

If your Apple Watch has a Smartwatch Standalone plan, you can use it independently from your iPhone as they are operating on two different mobile phone numbers.

Your Apple Watch can make and receive calls and messages, and stay connected, on its own.