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How to use Video Calling on my mobile phone

Video Calling lets you see and hear the person you're talking to on your mobile phone and lets them see and hear you.

You can make video calls to and receive calls from other Bell Video Calling subscribers. To use Video Calling you'll need a Video Calling-capable phone.

To see if your phone is Video Calling-capable, visit the Support page to read the user guide for your phone.

Video calling is available throughout Canada on the Bell HSPA network. See our coverage maps to learn where the HSPA network is available.

You can only make and receive video calls with your mobile phone while you’re within Canada.

  1. Select the Phone icon on your mobile phone.
  2. Enter the number of the Bell Video Calling subscriber you want to call.
  3. Select the Options or Menu button.
  4. Select Make a Video Call to dial the call.

Note: If a video call cannot be set up, you'll be given the option to connect as a voice call. Depending on your mobile phone or smartphone, you may also have the option to send a text message or to retry the video call.

  1. The incoming call will display the caller’s phone number and will show that it is a Video Call. Select the Answer or Accept key to answer the call.
  2. You'll see the screen loading the video. Once loaded, you can start your call.