Bell Mobility in-store device repairs

Device repairs

Problems with your device may be related to the settings, the device itself (i.e., broken hardware) or other factors. A simple reset fixes most issues.

For general troubleshooting, visit the Using my device support section.

If your phone isn’t working and you can’t troubleshoot it yourself, you can visit a participating Bell store to have your phone inspected and, if needed, sent to an authorized repair centre.

For your convenience, you can also book an appointment for an in-store repair.

What to expect during a repair

If your phone needs repair, we will:

Prepare for your visit

To ensure a smooth repair process, here are key steps we recommend to take first:

  • ✓ Update your phone to the latest software
  • ✓ Back up your phone to avoid accidental data loss (for instructions, visit our device support section, select your phone and follow the link for manufacturer’s support)
  • ✓ Have all of your account IDs (Apple, Google, Samsung, etc.) and passwords ready
  • ✓ Have an active Bell account and be the account holder (or an authorized user)

All Bell mobile phones and smartphones are covered by a limited manufacturer's warranty for at least one year from the date of purchase.

If your device requires a repair that is not covered by the manufacturer’s limited warranty, an out-of-warranty quote will be provided by the repair facility.

If you choose to continue with the repair, you will be responsible for all repair fees. If you choose not to continue with the repair, your device will be returned at no cost.

Loaner device fees

Description Service fee
Repair loaner fee
In-warranty Waived
Out-of-warranty $30
Loaner damaged/lost fee
Phone $100 to $550
Accessory (battery or charger) $25

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