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How to manage my Internet usage

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About Internet usage

Internet usage is the amount of data you send and receive (upload and download) through your Internet connection. High usage activities include downloading movies and streaming videos.

The speed of your Internet connection does not affect how much usage you incur.

Bell Internet plans include different usage allowances. If you exceed your allowance, the excess usage will be charged at the rate specified in your plan.

The maximum charge for usage over and above your plan allowance is $100 a month. If you need more usage, you can review all Bell Internet plans.

Tracking your usage

View your current and past Internet usage.

Internet usage tracking starts at midnight on the first day of your billing cycle and ends at midnight on the last day.

Similar to other telecommunication services, such as mobile phone and long distance airtime, any usage not consumed by the end of your billing cycle will expire and does not carry forward.

Usage notifications

Get near real-time notifications online and by email when you come close to the Internet usage allowance included in your monthly plan.

Manage your usage notification preferences

Controlling your usage

Prevent unauthorized use of your Internet connection

Encrypt or password-protect your wireless home network to prevent unauthorized users from logging into your account. To find out how to do this, visit your router manufacturer’s website.
Never share the user ID and password for your Bell Internet account.
Install and regularly update your antivirus software.
Install security updates recommended for your operating system.

Limit file sharing programs

Some popular peer-to-peer file sharing programs (e.g., Bit Torrent, Shareaza) will upload shared files to others, by default, as fast as your connection will allow. This activity is often invisible to you, but can accumulate significant usage. Check the program’s preferences and ensure the upstream Internet is limited.

Be aware of streaming music use

Turn off streaming music players while you’re away from your computer. Leaving them running can generate usage you might not be aware of.

Check newsreader settings

Don’t set your newsreader (e.g., Usenet) to automatically download message bodies for groups you’re subscribed to. Otherwise you may download a significant volume of material that’s of no interest to you.

Prevent spam

Install software to help prevent spam. Find effective tools to combat spam .

What do you use the Internet for?

Tell us how your household typically uses the Internet and we'll recommend a data plan.

Low usage


Occasionally browsing the web, getting news and sports updates, banking online, and chatting and exchanging photos with friends and family.

20 GB

Medium usage


One person streaming music, gaming online, exchanging photos and watching TV shows or movies.

100 GB

High usage


Multiple people or a family streaming music, gaming online, exchanging photos, streaming movies, watching YouTube and downloading shows.

300 GB

About Fibe TV usage

Does using Fibe TV apps count towards my Internet usage?

Using Fibe TV applications will count towards your Internet usage at the same download and upload rates as using the Internet on your computer.

Which Fibe TV apps incur usage?

The applications currently available on Fibe TV are: What’s New app, Support, Crave, Netflix, Prime Video, Stingray Music, Youtube, Hayu, The Weather Network and Santa Tracker (available seasonally). Find out more about these applications.

How much usage do Fibe TV apps incur?

The applications incur the same amount of Internet usage as performing the activity on your computer would incur. For example, viewing a friend's photo album through the Fibe TV Facebook application, would incur the same amount of Internet usage as viewing the photos on your computer.

You can estimate the amount of Internet usage you’ll incur with the Internet Usage Estimator. .