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Stay connected during a power outage

If your Bell home services use our fibre optic network, your Home phone service, including 9-1-1 emergency services, will not work during a power outage without a battery backup. To maintain phone service during a power outage, you need to purchase a battery backup, also known as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

A battery backup provides electricity when your regular power source fails. When the electricity goes out, your modem will continue to be powered if it’s plugged into the battery, allowing you to stay connected to the Internet. You can purchase a battery backup from various retailers who sell electronics and related devices, such as The Source, Staples, Amazon or Best Buy.

You can purchase a battery backup from various retailers who sell electronics and related devices, such as Staples, Amazon or Best Buy.

Choosing a battery backup

The power a battery backup offers is measured in volt-amperes (VA). The longer you want to power your modem, the more VA your battery backup will need.

We recommend a battery backup with a minimum of 300 VA. We also recommend connecting only your Bell modem to the battery to maximize its run time in the event of a power outage.

Contact the manufacturer to find what backup battery best suits your needs.

Installing a battery backup

Follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. We recommend connecting only your Bell modem to the battery.

Keeping your modem powered during a power outage

When your modem is plugged into the battery backup, the battery will automatically become your modem’s power source during a power outage, keeping you connected to the Internet.

If your Home phone service utilizes a cordless handset, you cordless phone will be powered by the battery in the phone. If you wish to continue charging your cordless phone, you must plug the handset into the battery backup.

How long will a battery backup provide power?

Assuming the battery backup is only used to power your modem, the battery will typically last about two to eight hours, depending on its capacity (measured in VA). However, the actual length of time the battery backup can power your modem depends on various factors. See the battery manufacturer’s website for details.

To maximize the efficiency of your battery backup, we recommend only connecting your Bell modem to it.

If you purchased your battery after April 23, 2017, please visit the Call2recycle website to find a drop-off location that will accept your battery.

If your battery was provided by Bell on or before April 23, 2017, please call 310-BELL (2355) to request a recovery kit.

If you are experiencing issues with your Home Hub 3000 backup battery, please call 310-BELL (2355) for assistance.

Batteries purchased after April 23, 2017 come with a one-year limited warranty.