What do I need to know about my first Bell Home phone Bill

Your first Bell Home phone bill will include your service from the day it was activated, plus service for one month in advance.

For example, if your service was activated on January 7, and your billing date is February 4, you will be billed for service from January 7 to February 3, as well as one month in advance, from February 4 to March 3.

That means that your first bill could include charges for service for almost two months.

While your service itself is billed one month in advance, your long distance will be billed only for the long distance calls you made in the month ending the day before your billing date. Using the example of a January 7 activation date, your first bill would include only the long distance calls you made from January 7 to February 3.

Your first bill will also include any service charges associated with the installation of your line.

Your second and later bills will only include your local service for one month in advance, plus any long distance calls you’ve made in the previous month billing period, and fees for any changes you made to your service.

Your Bell Home phone bill is automatically set up as a Bell One Bill. That means that if you have other Bell services – Bell Satellite TV, Bell Internet or Bell Mobility – you can ask to have them billed with your Home phone on a single invoice.