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How to use a Bell Prepaid Calling Card

How to use a prepaid card

You can use a Bell Prepaid Calling Card as a replacement for coins when making local calls from Bell pay phones in Ontario and Quebec, and as a prepaid long distance service from any type of phone.

You can use it to place calls from anywhere in Canada and the U.S. to over 250 countries worldwide.

Learn more about Bell Prepaid Calling Cards and where to buy them.

*Note that there is an additional per-minute charge to use your prepaid card from the U.S.

Making a call with a prepaid card

To place a call from Canada

Dial 1 866 744-5556 and follow the voice prompts.

  • To call a number in Canada, the United States or the Caribbean, dial 1 + area code + phone number.
  • To call a number overseas, dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number.

You can use your prepaid card with your mobile phone in the same way. You will pay the Bell Prepaid Calling Card rates for your long distance your mobile service provider will only charge you for your local and roaming service.

Adding funds to a prepaid card

You can recharge (or add funds) to your prepaid card anytime, online using your credit card. You can choose the amount to recharge or opt for Auto Recharge to have your card automatically topped up when the balance dips to a certain level. The expiry date of your card will be extended by one year from the date you recharge.

Sign up for an online account and learn more about recharging your card

Transferring the balance from one prepaid card to another

To transfer the balance from one card to another, simply call 1 888 806-6609 and follow the voice prompts to select the card linking feature (menu option 1).

Handy features of the prepaid card

  • If you’re calling from a Bell payphone you can swipe your card rather than enter the card number.
  • Once you enter your prepaid card number, the system will tell you how much money is available on your card.
  • After you enter the phone number you’re calling, the system will tell you how many minutes you have available for the call.
  • The system will let you know when you have two minutes remaining on the call.
  • If you want to make a second call, don’t hang up when your first call is over. Stay on the line and follow the voice prompts to place your second call.

Getting further assistance with prepaid cards

Visit to learn more about Bell Prepaid Calling Cards.

You can also call 1 888 806-6609 to speak with a customer service agent, available daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.