What is MLB Extra Innings?

What is MLB Extra Innings?

MLB Extra Innings is a premium sports package that includes 1400 regular season and out-of-market major league baseball games.

You can access MLB Extra Innings from the Sports menu on your Bell TV receiver (channel 275). You can also use your on-screen programming guide on channels 1481 to 1486 in HD and 485 to 497 in SD.

How and why are blackouts applied to MLB Extra Innings games?

Blackouts are required and determined by the Major League Baseball organization, enforced by the broadcast networks and executed by the cable and satellite service providers.

Every television service provider in North America, including Bell TV, must comply with the same blackout rules. The blackouts can vary from team to team.

How can I watch games that have been blacked out by MLB Extra Innings?

If you want to view a game that has been blacked out of MLB Extra Innings due to MLB imposed restrictions, tune in to your national or local broadcast station. The Toronto Blue Jays' blackout territory includes all of Canada and the surrounding area. If you want to follow the Toronto Blue Jays throughout the season, you'll find them available locally on Sportsnet and Sportsnet One.

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