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How to pay for your online purchase

Paying for one-time purchases on

You can use your account or a credit card to make a one-time purchase on for most hardware, accessories and, if applicable, set-up fees. These are totalled in the “Due Now” column of the shopping cart

All recurring monthly charges for Bell Mobility, Bell Internet, Bell Satellite TV or Bell Home phone services, associated features and variable options will be billed on your monthly invoice. You can choose a payment option for the monthly invoice after you receive your first bill.

Using your Bell Canada account

You can charge most one-time purchases to your Bell Canada account. (Exceptions include: Bell Mobility products, Bell TV accessories and Bell Internet accessories).

Billing is based on the information you provide with your order. For security purposes, all information is verified against Bell Canada databases. Purchases charged to your account will be shipped only to the billing address associated with that account. All orders are subject to a credit check.


  1. If you bill your purchase to your Bell Canada account, it will be shipped only to the address of the account. If you bill your purchase to your credit card, you can have it shipped to a different address.
  2. You can only bill a purchase to your account if your account is based in Ontario or Quebec.
  3. To bill to your account, you must be a current Bell Canada residential customer, and have been a customer for at least six months.
  4. If you do not live in Ontario or Quebec and/or have not been a customer for at least six months, you should choose the one-time credit card option when you are prompted.

Using your credit card

You can use your credit card for most one-time hardware and accessory purchases, and if applicable, set-up fees. The exception is calling cards, which can only be charged to your account.

Prepaid credit cards are not accepted when purchasing Bell Mobility postpaid services.

All orders are subject to a credit check, therefore your credit card details will be needed even if your “Due Now” total is $0.00.

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