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What is One Bill and how does it work?

What is One Bill?

One Bill combines the billing information for all your Bell services in a simple, easy-to-read summary with a detail page for each. That means there's only one payment to make each month.

Eligible customers are being automatically enrolled into the One Bill program. But if you haven’t been enrolled, you can sign up for One Bill in minutes.

Who can receive One Bill?

We offer One Bill to our Bell Home phone customers with one or more Bell services.

A closer look at your One Bill

This guide will give you a closer look at a typical bill.

Bell One Bill sample
Bell One Bill sample
  1. This is the account owner for your services.
  2. The account number is unique to each subscriber and helps us access your account quickly when you call us. Use this number when you make payments by cheque or at the bank.
  3. The billing date on your One Bill may be different from the billing dates for any separate bills you had or have.
  4. Use your 14-digit customer ID number to pay your One Bill when you use Internet or phone banking.
  5. Previous bill shows the balance from your last bill, any payments you’ve made and any one-time adjustments Bell has made. It also displays any outstanding balance you may have for all your Bell services.
  6. Current bill summarizes any outstanding balance from the last bill, total charges for all your Bell services during this billing period and applicable taxes.

    Note: If you have recently made a payment on one of your services and it is not reflected here, it will appear on your next bill.

  7. The payment due date  is the date by which you must pay your charges in full, in order to avoid late payment charges. Please be sure to make your payment early enough for us to receive it on or before the due date.
  8. If you are mailing in your payment, you will need to include this detachable payment stub in the envelope. Be sure to bring the stub if you pay your One Bill in person at your bank or a Bell store (for payment deposits, only with envelope provided.) The stub shows your account number, your bill date, the bill’s due date and the amount due. You should write the amount you are paying in the Amount Paid box.
  9. In Your Bell services, you’ll see the summary of charges for all the Bell services you have combined on your One Bill. You’ll also see account information, limited-time offers, partial charges, usage and other charges and credits summaries clearly marked.
  10. When a promotion has expired, you’ll see a footnote here to explain why your bill went up.
  11. You can find contact information on page 2 of your One Bill.

Is there a fee to subscribe to One Bill?

No, there is no fee or charge.

What’s the difference between the account number and the customer ID on my One Bill?

Use your 9-digit account number 
  • When you link your Bell One Bill account to your My Bell profile
  • When you sign up for pre-authorized payments

Use your 14-character customer ID (e.g. 99999999XXX999):

  • When you set up Internet or telephone banking through your bank

What if I prefer to receive separate bills?

If you are receiving a One Bill but would prefer to receive separate bills, please contact us.