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My infrared remote extenders (pyramids) aren’t working.

My infrared remote extenders (pyramids) aren’t working.

Make sure that the extender receiving the signal from your remote is facing the right way so that the infrared (IR) sensor can receive signals.

Make sure that the IR cable on the extender sending the signal to your receiver is right in front of the IR sensor on the receiver front panel, so that the receiver IR sensor can receive signals.

If this does not solve problem, contact the extender manufacturer for assistance.

Could my infrared remote extenders (pyramids) be causing (UHF) interference?

Infrared remote extenders use ultra-high frequency(UHF) signals to transmit from one room to another. These signals may cause interference with UHF devices.

Temporarily stop using extenders to see if this stops the interference. If extenders are the source of interference, stop using them. The signals from your UHF device have a long range, even through walls and other solid objects.