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Bell Satellite TV

How to change or reset my Bell Satellite TV PIN

Your PIN is the 4-digit personal identification number you assigned to your Bell Satellite TV account. It's required to make changes to your television service, whether you do it yourself by calling our automated phone system, or with your remote control, or if you ask a customer service representative for help. Your PIN is also required when ordering Pay-per-view or Interactive Television services online.

Choose a secret question and answer on

You can link a secret question and answer to your PIN. Then, if you ever forget your PIN, you can create a new one by correctly answering the secret question. It's quick and easy. This security measure helps protect you from unauthorized changes to your television service.

Changing and resetting your PIN and/or secret question and answer

If you're already logged in, click the appropriate link below and follow the steps provided.

Change or reset now

and/or security question and answer.
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Forgot your PIN?

Follow the same steps that you would if you were changing your PIN. When asked, click Forgot your PIN? If you haven't chosen a secret question and answer, you'll have to provide details from your last bill, so have it handy.

Important: You'll have 3 attempts to enter the correct information. After 3 invalid attempts, your account will be locked for 24 hours. Be sure to choose a PIN and secret question/answer that's easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.