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How to replace a lost mobile phone and/or SIM card

Step 1:

If you've lost your Bell Mobility device and/or SIM card, log in to MyBell to report the loss and temporarily suspend your service. Alternatively, you can call us at 1 800 667-0123.

We’ll add the device to the national list for lost or stolen mobile devices so that it can’t be used by someone else. You will not be responsible for unauthorized usage made after you have notified us. Learn more

Step 2:

Purchase a new SIM card online or at a Bell store. If you already have a spare mobile phone or smartphone, you can use it as your replacement phone provided it is already unlocked by another carrier or purchased from Bell. Alternatively, you can purchase a new phone online.

Monthly plan customers: If you subscribe to Smart/Phone Care, you may be eligible for a new device under the enhanced warranty.


Do you believe you have been a victim of SIM swap or port fraud? Learn more