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How to add my device to the national list for lost or stolen mobile devices

If your mobile phone, tablet or mobile internet device is lost or stolen, it can be added to a national list for stolen mobile devices. Adding a device to the list will prevent it from being used on Bell’s network, and the networks of all service providers in Canada.


If your mobile device is lost or stolen:

  1. Log in to MyBell to report your device as lost and temporarily suspend your service. Alternatively, you can call us at 1 800 667-0123.

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    We'll add eligible mobile devices to the list so that the device cannot be used on Bell's network, and the networks of all service providers in Canada.

    To be eligible, the device must:
    • Have a valid IMEI number
    • Be registered on the Bell network
    Note: only the account holder or an authorized user can report a device on their account lost or stolen.
  2. If your device has been stolen, report the theft to local police.

If you recover your lost or stolen mobile device:

  • Contact a Bell representative.  We'll ensure that your recovered device is removed from the list. Note: We can only remove a device from the list for the person who originally listed it.
  • Your device should regain access to Bell's network within 24 hours.  A request to remove your device from the national list will be made within 24 hours.
  • If your device was reported lost or stolen and added to the list by another service provider, you must return to that service provider to have your device removed.


  • Devices purchased from an unauthorized retailer or a private seller may be lost or stolen and may be added to the list. We recommend you purchase your device from an authorized retailer.

Check if a device is on the list

  • Tampering with a device's IMEI (the device's unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number) could result in the tampered IMEI being added to the list.  Bell’s Terms of Service prohibits tampering with a device’s IMEI.

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