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How to use Call Blocking on my Bell Home phone

What is Call Blocking for my Bell Home phone?

Call Blocking lets you block your name and phone number from the person you are calling. It’s free of charge. NOTE: To block incoming calls to your number, add the Call Screen feature to your Bell Home phone service.

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Using Call Blocking

  1. Dial *67 (or 1167 on rotary phones) before making the call you’d like to block.
  2. Listen for 3 beeps.
  3. Dial the number you are calling. The person you are calling will see a display such as “Private Name/Private Number.”

Important notes:

There are some instances when your name and number may not be blocked if you use *67:

  • When placing a collect call, or calling an 800 or 900 number, your name and number information is provided for billing purposes
  • When calling a person served by a telephone company or facility that does not adhere to the privacy regulations set out by the CRTC in Canada or the FCC in the United States, your name and number may still be provided if the company does not recognize the privacy indicator
  • When calling Bell customer service