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Fibe TV

I cannot find a specific channel on my Bell Fibe TV


There are many reasons why a channel cannot be found. To restore a missing channel, try the following:

  1. Check for customizations to your channel guide
  2. Turn off the favourites view
  3. Refresh your channel guide
  4. Use our online channel look-up tool

If the channel still does not appear in the guide, then perhaps it’s simply not available on Bell Fibe TV. The channel could either no longer be available or has not yet been launched. In some cases, we cannot offer the channel because we don’t yet have an agreement with the broadcaster.

Fibe TV is regularly adding new channels and the one you’re looking for may become available shortly.

Check for customizations to your guide

Much like the favourites, you can customize the actual channel guide by removing from view the channels you are not subscribed to or do not watch.

To restore a channel that was removed from view:

  1. Press the MENU button on your remote control.
  2. Using the arrow keys, scroll right until you highlight Settings.
  3. Scroll down and select Menu and guide.
  4. Select Customize channel guide in the menu that drops down.

    Fibe TV menu - Customize Channel Guide

  5. Scroll down the list to find the channel that’s missing from the guide.
    Tip: Select View unchecked to get a shorter list to scroll.
  6. Once you have found the channel, press SELECT to add a check mark next to it.
  7. Select Save to finish customizing the guide.
  8. Press GUIDE and check that the channel you were looking for is now back on the guide.

If you can see the channel you’re looking for in the guide, but can’t view its programming, it means you are not subscribed to this channel. To subscribe, please follow these instructions.

Turn off the favourites view

To make the channel listing more manageable and easier to navigate, many viewers create a favourites list with only the channels they are subscribed to, or watch most often. Since that list is not updated automatically, any new channels that Bell Fibe TV adds to its lineup will not be included.

To see all the channels that Bell Fibe TV offers, press the green FAVOURITES button on your remote to toggle the favourites off while you’re in the channel guide.

If you can see the channel you’re looking for when the favourites are off, you can add the channel to your favourites.

Refresh your channel guide

If the channel still does not appear in the channel guide, your receiver may not have the most up to date channel listing in its memory. You can force your receiver to refresh its listing by restarting it.

Note: Always begin with the main HD PVR receiver.

  1. Press and hold the POWER button on the receiver for 5 seconds (until the red, green and blue lights start blinking).
  2. Wait for the TV service to come back to normal.
  3. Repeat for each receiver.

After restarting all of your receivers, check to see if you can see the channel you are looking for in the guide. If the channel is still missing after following these steps, please contact us.