What is the difference between One Bill and e-bill?

One Bill

With One Bill, you can combine your Bell Home phone, Internet, mobile phone and Satellite TV services on one comprehensive and easy-to-read bill.

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E-bill is the electronic version of your Bell bill. Once you register for My Bell, we’ll send you an email each month when your bill is ready to view online.

You can download, print or save your e-bill.

Why register for e-bill?

  • Easy, 24/7 access to your bills and account information
  • See your current bills online, as soon as they are ready
  • Look up past bills any time
  • Pay your bill online.
  • Reduce your monthly paper bill clutter
  • Be notified by email when your e-bill is ready
  • Download and save a copy of your bill any time
  • Download your bill and save it in a spreadsheet

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