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How to go paperless with e-bill

Stopping paper bill

To stop your paper bill and sign up for e-bill:

  1. Log in to MyBell.
  2. Highlight My profile at the top of the page and select Billing and services.
  3. Select Edit button next to Bill format.
  4. Select E-bill, then Save.

If you do not see these options, it means you already signed up for e-bill.

Not registered for MyBell?

When you register, you automatically get access to your e-bill. We'll ask you if you want to stop getting paper bills during the registration process.

Register for MyBell

Why go paperless?

  • Download and save your bills any time.
  • Cut clutter - less mail to sort through.
  • Save trees and the energy required to print, handle and deliver paper invoices.
  • E-bills are safer* - studies show that electronic mail is more secure than traditional paper mail.
  • Easily manage your bills - access bills from as far back as 18 months.

* In the 2006 Identity Fraud Survey Report conducted by the Council of Better Business Bureaus and Javelin Strategy & Research in the U.S., when victims could identify the source of data compromise, 90% occurred through traditional offline channels, not the Internet.