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Articles for "Pay-per-view and On Demand" in Bell TV support


1.How to order Pay-per-view on my Bell Satellite TV

There are 3 ways to order Pay-per-Vu! Use your remote Order by phone Order online Use your remote to order...

2.How to temporarily suspend my Bell Satellite TV programming

You can suspend your Bell Satellite TV programming for a minimum of six weeks to a maximum of seven months. You can get a Bell customer service representative...

3.What is the On Demand service?

On Demand lets you rent movies and TV content through your Bell Satellite TV receiver for 24 to 48 hours. The service is available in real-time and on-demand

4.How to watch On Demand programming

To see the full On Demand programming guide, tune in to channel 1000 for English programming or channel 1800 for French programming with your HD PVR.

5.How to find what’s playing on the Pay-per-view channels

Find Pay-per-view movies and events.

6.How to connect my HD PVR receiver to get On Demand service

You can connect your model 9241 or 9242 HD PVR to the Internet or to a phone line. To the Internet You have two options for connecting to the...

7.How to order Pay-per-View by phone

Call 1 866 686-7337 and follow the instructions. Pay-per-Vu! fees are added to your monthly Bell Satellite TV bill.

8.How can I tell if my Pay-per-view order was successful?

If the event has already started, the receiver will tune to it automatically.If the event starts in the future, the receiver will present you with...

9.Can I order a 1080p event and watch it on a TV set that is not 1080p-capable?

You can still watch your On Demand programming. Your receiver will automatically adjust the resolution to suit your television.

10.Can I schedule a PVR recording of an On Demand event?

No, you cannot record an On Demand event.

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