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Articles for "Modems, Connections and Home Networks" in Bell Internet support

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1.I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet using my Connection Hub

I'm having trouble connecting to the Internet using my Connection Hub

2.I can’t connect to the Internet using my router

Try the following steps before contacting the technical help desk. Turn off or unplug your Bell Internet High Speed modem. Turn off or unplug your router. Wait 30 se

3.I get an error message when browsing the Internet.

The remote web server can’t find the web address (URL) you typed.

4.I’m having trouble with my Internet connection

Restarting your high speed modem often solves connection problems such as: Slow connection Intermitent loss of signal Speed fluctuations Difficulties when connecting

5.My modem connects but I cannot browse the Internet – Windows XP

If you can connect to Bell Internet but are unable to browse the web, your computer's TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) may have become corrupt

6.I got a “Login failed” error when trying to connect to Bell Internet

A “Login failed” error means you cannot log in to your Bell Internet service. This is most often because you have typed your Bell Internet user ID (b1 nu

7.I can’t connect to the Internet with my SpeedStream 6300 or 6520 modem

If you are unable to visit any websites, there may be a problem with your SpeedStream 6300 or 6520 modem. Try the following to check and correct your modem’s connection.

8.I get error 678 when I try to connect to the Internet.

Thiserror can be caused by issues with the network. To resolve it, try the following: Turn off or unplug your modem. Ensure all the modem cables are firmly connected

9.I get a "No dial tone" error and my modem can’t connect to the Internet

If you are unable to connect to the Internet because of a "No dial tone" error, check the following…

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