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1.Travel with an HSPA+ or LTE Bell Mobility phone internationally - how much will it cost?

See the HSPA+ or LTE coverage map and find roaming rates by country (USA; international service zones 1, 2 and 3; cruise ship).

2.How to top up the funds in my prepaid phone account

Top up options for your prepaid Bell mobile phone. Keep your phone active by topping it up before your funds expire.

3.How to understand my One Bill

A closer look at your One Bill. This guide will give you a closer look at a typical bill.[Location of original image:...

4.What are Bell Mobility’s long distance rates?

Country Billing code Country code Per-minute rate ...

5.How to pay my mobile phone bill?

Pay your Bell Mobility bill by credit card, cheque or cash. Get our mailing address to mail a payment and find out how to change your credit card number.

6.How to understand my Bell Mobility bill

Your first mobile phone bill will be different from future bills because it includes some one-time only charges like: A connection fee, if...

7.How to pay my Bell One Bill

You can pay your Bell One Bill online through your bank, with a pre-authorized credit card or chequing plan, and with cash or a cheque.

8.What does proration mean?

When services are added, removed or cancelled in the middle of a billing cycle, they are only charged for the time you use them, rather than for a complete month. This is called proration.

9.What is Bell Install?

Bell Install is a hassle-free way to ensure your Bell Satellite TV service is installed and operating correctly.

10.How to understand and pay my mobile phone bill?

The quickest and easiest way to see and pay your mobile phone bill is to log in to My Bell. [log in box here] Understanding your bill ...

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