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How to understand my Bell Satellite TV bill

A closer look at your Bell Satellite TV bill

This guide will give you a closer look at a typical bill, and explains the prorated charges you may see on your first bill.

 Bell Satellite TV bill sample

  1. [Michael Jones … address] The service address is the location where you use your Bell Satellite TV service.
  2. [Customer address (bottom of page)] The customer address is the billing address for your service.
  3. [Account number] The 16-digit account number is unique to each subscriber and helps us access your account quickly when you call us.
  4. [Billing date] The billing date corresponds to the date your statement was generated. Statements are generated on the same day of the month every month. The day of the month on which you are billed corresponds to the day you activated your Bell Satellite TV service.
  5. [Payment due date] Your payment due date is the date by which you must pay your Bell Satellite TV charges in full, in order to avoid late payment charges. Please be sure to make your payment early enough for us to receive it on or before the due date.
  6. [“Enhance your NHL … all on one screen”] Promotions: Learn what's new and exciting at Bell Satellite TV.
  7. [Account summary] The account summary  is an overview of the charges to your account, including your programming packages, Pay-per-view choices and adjustments to your account.
  8. [How to reach us] The how to reach us section lists all the ways you can contact Bell.
  9. [Payment and credits] The payments and credits section shows payments received on your account prior to the current billing date. It also shows any promotional credits you may have received, for example, if you upgraded your programming at a special price.
  10. [Programming charges] The programming charges section shows the charge(s) for your Bell Satellite TV package(s). You'll be billed Bell Satellite TV services one month in advance, starting from your date of activation. Learn more about your first Bell Satellite TV bill.
  11. [Fees and taxes] This section lists all federal and provincial fees and taxes that apply.
  12. [Bell Satellite TV/payment stub] If you are mailing in your payment, you will need to include this detachable payment stub in the envelope. Be sure to bring this payment stub if you pay your bill in person at your bank.

Your first Bell Satellite TV bill

  1. First billing period

    You'll be billed for your Bell Satellite TV services on month in advance. Your future Bell Satellite TV bills will cover a 30-day billing period and will be issued on the same days every month.

    Your first statement date after your account has been activated will become your regular billing date. The due date is 25 days after your billing date. Payments received at least 5 days before the billing date will be shown on your next statement.

Other charges

If you make changes to your service during the month, you may see other charges, credits and adjustments on your bill, such as:
  1. Prorated charges

    Prorated charges include any charges that you've incurred during your current billing period. If you use a monthly service for any part of your billing period, for one week or a few days for example, that portion will be charged to your bill, plus one month advance billing. This includes any programming upgrades or downgrades during the month.
  2. Promotional credits

    Promotional credits may take to 4-6 weeks to appear on your bill. If applicable credits are not showing on your first bill, you can expect to see them on your next bill.
  3. Credit adjustments

    Credit adjustments may take to 4-6 weeks to appear on your bill. If your credit request was submitted at least five days prior to your bill date, the credit will appear on your bill the following month.
  4. Pay-per-view charges

    Pay-per-view charges are related to movies and/or events you have ordered through your Bell Satellite TV system.

Details include the following:

  • Date the movie/event was viewed
  • Name of the movie/event ordered
  • Event ID, specific to the movie/event and the time at which it was viewed
  • Applicable Pay-per-view charge for the movie/event

NOTE: Discreet billing is used for any adult entertainment purchases.

Bell Satellite TV bill closeup Pay-per-view items

Last Updated:26/07/2012

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